Living the Art 6: Weaving a World, by Randall Auxier

                              Weaving a World By Randall Auxier Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize for literature. Folk music is hereby raised to fine art? Bosh. I think the division between fine art and “low” arts is artificial. Some of the best art I have ever seen (or heard or eaten) was made by people smugly…


Living the Art 4: Of Teaspoons and Waves

Of Teaspoons and Waves By Randall Auxier Paul Simon wrote (over a happy chord and floating rhythm) “she makes the sign of a teaspoon, he makes the sign of a wave.” That’s cryptic. But we see it here, in the video. What does that sign mean? These two people seem to understand, after he puts…

x1952-84, Noah's Drunkeness, Artist: Tissot, Photographer: John Parnell, Photo © The Jewish Museum, New York

Living the Art 3: Everything is Holy

Everything Is Holy Now by Randall Auxier It’s a line from Peter Mayer‘s song “Holy Now.” There is a longing for the holy, whatever it is. But the connection between holiness and beauty has been a problem for Western (and some Eastern) religions. If we worship what cannot be seen, what happens when we actually…


Living the Art 2: Out of the Pure Blue

Out of the Pure Blue by Randall Auxier Every time I go to central Texas I am amazed by how ugly and hateful the grackals are. But this bird shimmers and shines iridescently and is often the color of deep indigo, which many regard as the most beautiful blue there is. Something has gone awry…

Diana RiggCollection Christophel

Living the Art 1: American Beauty

American Beauty by Randall Auxier      Crispin Sartwell‘s book Six Names of Beauty is probably the broadest study of the idea of “beauty” ever written. It covers six different languages and their cultures (English, Hebrew, Sanskrit, Ancient Greek, Japanese, and Navajo), but also ranges across dozens of fields of meaning departing from each. Each chapter…


“Three Kinds of Soldiers” by Randall Auxier

by Randall Auxier [Editor: Flashing back to Empirical Magazine, I want to invite you to read Randall Auxier’s October 2012 article “Three Kinds of Soldier” in the pdf format that includes the original layout and photographs that went with the essay.] Three Kinds of Soldier


“Extreme Virtue 25: A Train Leaves Boston” by Randall Auxier

                                A Train Leaves Boston . . . by Randall Auxier You suffered though algebra, especially those awful simultaneous  equations in high school— if a train leaves from Boston and another from Chicago . . . and so on— but you might never have seen them as a sort of story, at bottom. The examples…